Why invisible fences, just don’t work.

Ran 8 miles THEN ran another 6 looking for my dog bc he got out of his invisible fence, he's home now though

Nearly a quarter of our customers are dog parents that initially tried to use an invisible electric fence – only to find out that it didn’t work for their dog.

Thought there was a robber in my house it was just my dad getting my dog cuz she ran past the invisible fence

Many people think an invisible underground wireless electric fence is the best way to keep their dog in their yard. However, they are simply not as effective as you might think. Statistics suggest that invisible wireless electric fences are only about 70% effective.

This is what happened to Sandy. You can listen to her story in the video below.

Here’s why using an invisible underground electric fence is not a good idea:

  • While an electric fence may look invisible, its damaging effects are very visible, and generally increase harmful behavior over time. Dogs can become fearful or even aggressive because they are being hurt. This might make it harder for you to take your dog outside of your home at all, and can even cause dogs to bark or bite strangers because they simply don’t know who or what is harming them.
  • Dogs can feel like they are being punished (by the shock) when they run and greet someone who is past the boundary line. That new association can lead them to believe that everything should be feared and nothing is safe. This new fear can easily turn into aggression.
I left my dog out and he ran past the invisible fence
  • Invisible wireless electric fences do not stop other animals from coming on your property. If you live in an area where coyotes are common you can endanger your dog, because essentially your dog becomes a sitting duck. Invisible fences allow other animals to freely enter your property while your dog is restricted.
  • Many invisible wireless electric fences do not include a transmitter that includes lightning protection, which means in inclement weather your electric fence might not work.
Had an incident with Deb this morning. I was trying to get my dog out of her yard b/c he ran the the invisible fence & was scared.HOW OUR FENCE WORKS
  • Some of the DIY invisible wireless electric fence kits do not use wire that is rated for outdoor use and will simply short out after a few months.
  • Invisible underground electric fences require a long training process. If you just install a invisible dog fence, slap the shock collar (receiver) on your dog, and then stick him in the yard to figure it out on his own – at best you’ll confuse your dog and at worst you’ll frighten him. If you want to create an area where your dog can run free without having to spend the 1,000 training fee that most invisible fence companies charge, get a non-electric dog fence kit.  Because it’s a real physical barrier, no training is required.
Love is going outside in the rain to get your dog who panicked and ran through the invisible fence.
  • At low levels the shock is too weak to stop your dog from leaving your yard to investigate nearby wildlife or another dog, and at high levels the dog may become scared or aggressive.
  • If your dog is younger than 6 months old most veterinarians will tell you to wait before you you can install an invisible wireless electric fence, which means your pup can not run free and play. With a non-electric dog fence kit you do not have any age restrictions.

You might think at Pet playgrounds, we’re biased, but you don’t have to take our word for it. According to Victoria Stilwell of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog:

“Dogs contained behind electric fences tend to become more reactive and in some cases more aggressive toward strangers and even family members because of anxiety and frustration. Recent studies show that dogs without previous aggression problems are more prone to attack family members when the systems are activated. Only a proper fence will keep people or other animals out of the yard and offer more protection. It is a much safer and more humane and effective containment option than an electric fence will ever be.”Victoria Stilwell

So there you have it. Invisible fences are not the best way to contain your dog. Interested in why so many dog parents have chose our unique dog fence? Find out why.


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    1. It does. The reason is because of its flexibility. Dogs can’t get a grip to climb. When they try the top of the fence flexes so prevent climbers from actually getting over.

    2. Yes, it does. The reason is because our fence is incredibly flexible which prevents any dog from actually getting a grip in the first place. The top of the fence flexes any time the dog tries to climb, the bottom of the fence is made out of metal and mesh, which is how dogs that can bite and chew through other fences are stopped.

  1. I am researching options. I don’t think your system will work for me. My first dog, Shelby, is 60 lbs, small husky size. I had a 4 foot chain link fence installed for her. She does not challenge it and is no problem. My new rescue, Anya, is an escape artist. She is 45 lbs large cocker spaniel size. She chases whatever moves. She wants that chipmunk on the other side of the fence. I have reinforced the bottom of the chain link where it could be “swayed” and she could scoot UNDER the fence. NOW, she has resorted to DIGGING to get under. I put mesh wire fencing down vertically 4 inches, angled to the ground and stapled 4 inches out from the fence. I have a huge backyard 100 ft/145 ft/100 ft. Fairly level ground. I put rocks against parts of the fence and ivy vegetation has grown at the base. I thought I had a fortress but if Anya is determined, I still think she would dig amazing holes the size of her body to get under. How can your fence system work for one who digs?

  2. I am getting an 8 week old German Shepherd puppy on January 7, 2020. If I gave you my address, would your company be able to provide an estimate on the cost for a kit with 2 gates? I would like the side and back yard fenced. As for as the height of the fence, I would like to leave that decision to your companies discretion, based on your knowledge of this particular breed.

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