We love Colorado, even with all its boulders, rocks, tough terrain, and clay soil!

Andrew, your local installer has been trained by our Founder directly. He will be able to professionally install your Dog Fence Kit 10-14 days after your order confirmation based on weather conditions (like rain). Andrew will call you a few days after your order has been confirmed to schedule your installation. 

Your cost for installation will be $6 per linear foot and $175 for every gate.


Not in Colorado?

Find the installation wait time for your region by entering your zip code.


Here’s how our ordering process works.

1st step: Measure how many linear feet you would like to order. This is done by simply walking the area you want to enclose and counting your steps. Then simply multiply your steps by 2.5x. This process is thoroughly explained on our How to Measure section and only takes a minute to complete. By asking customers to measure themselves, we are able to save $450 on every Dog Fence. Every penny saved is passed on to you.

2nd step: Once you are done measuring, you can get immediate on-screen pricing, place your dog fence order and select professional installation before you checkout. Choose the height you want (5, 6, or 7 foot tall) then choose how many linear feet you want. 95% of our customers order a gate, but you don’t have to order one. It’s optional. Our standard gate is 5 feet wide which allows most riding mowers to go through. We also have 8 foot wide and 14 foot gates available.

Once you place your order Andrew will contact you to schedule your installation.