Our strong and flexible Dog Fence can stand up to trees – can your fence do that?

One of the most important components that is included in every kit is our 1,100 break strength polypropylene mesh. This material is incredibly flexible and strong. It is a unique material that no other competitor provides. Why? Because our competitors are repurposing cheap garden fencing materials and selling them as pet fences. That’s not what we do. It’s not safe, and it won’t contain your dog.

Watch how our Dog Fence can withstand a hurricane, even when lots of trees fall right on it.

Still not convinced?

We wanted to show how strong and flexible our fence is, but we didn’t want to harm any dogs in the process. So, we asked Vinny, who is 220 pounds to get into a dog suit and run into the fence at full speed. This shows how strong and flexible our fence really is – and why it’s 98% effective.

Think an Invisible wireless underground electric fence is better and cheaper solution? Well, they fail 30% of the time. Our fence has a 2% failure rate. They are also not as cheap as you think.