It works…until it doesn’t.

What is a dog shock collar fence?

An invisible dog shock collar fence is a system that uses a buried wire to create an invisible boundary, paired with a collar that delivers a mild electric shock or vibration to a dog when it approaches the boundary, teaching it to stay within a designated area.

dog shock collar fence

Many people falsely believe that invisible fences will keep highly prey-driven or social dogs in their yard. They are wrong. Your veterinarian can tell you how many dogs they see in the ER wearing shock collars. Clearly it didn’t work for those dogs.

invisible fence shock collar

Some dogs will go for months without a problem, until that trigger happens – a fox, a cat, a child on a bike, thunder, a gunshot, a female in heat – causes that dog to leave its property. And once your dog goes through it once – you’re going to have to get a REAL physical dog fence because that dog WILL go through it again and again.

In fact that’s exactly what happened to Sandy. Watch our featured testimonial to hear about Sandy’s experience with her invisible fence.

Still think spending $400 on a DIY invisible underground invisible fence, and $900 on a trainer to shock your dog enough to learn the boundary is better than a REAL physical Pet Playgrounds dog fence?

  • Invisible fences can’t protect your dog from the environment. Even if it -does- work to keep your dog in the yard (well, at least, some of the time…), it does NOT work to keep others OUT of your yard. Stray dogs and wildlife can still come on to your property and hurt your dog.
  • Many people still like to take their dogs for drives and walks, but find that after beginning to use the fence system, their dog becomes hesitant to leave the yard, even on a leash. After all, the dog has been made to learn that going over the boundary was a painful experience, and it’s hard for them to understand that when the collar is not on, they can go through. In some cases, dogs have become frightened of going into the yard all together.
  • 1.2 million dogs are hit by cars every year. Veterinarians see too many dogs wearing shock collars in the ER.

If, after reading and understanding the risks for your dog, you still decide to go ahead with an invisible fencing system, I can only wish that your dog IS one of the “lucky ones”, and that you will accept any changes to your dog’s behaviour and are willing to pay the expensive veterinary bills that may be required when your dog runs through his invisible fence.

Our non-electric dog fence kits start at $6.50 per linear foot and are comprised of 12 individual components. It is a REAL physical fence that can be assembled by any homeowner or Pet Playgrounds installer which we have available nationwide.

Our fence acts as a flexible net that prevents dogs and other animals from climbing. The bottom material is flared in towards you and secured with unique ground stakes to create a dig guard. You don’t have to dig any holes, mix cement, or make any changes to your landscape.

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