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Does your dog keep running away?
Find out how our flexible yet strong mesh-based dog fence safely keeps your dog in your yard.
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Why Pet Playgrounds is the BEST Dog Fence in the world
Traditional wood, aluminum, vinyl, chain link or even electronic fences simply don't work. Find out why ours does.
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How the Pet Playgrounds Dog Fence works in 3 minutes
A short 3 minute explanation of how our fence protects your dog.
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Our Dig Guard explained in 30 seconds
Many dogs dig to get out of their enclosure. Find out how our dig guard helps keep your dog safe.
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How do you mow your lawn with our dig guard?
Many people ask how you can mow your lawn and weed whack it. You can mow your lawn like normal.
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Do-It-Yourself Kit or Professional Installation?
What is the best option for you? We offer both options to make it both affordable and easy to keep your dog safe. Learn about both options.
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Should you get a 5 foot, 6 foot or 7 foot MAX Strength Fence?
Pet Playgrounds has different options for different types of dogs. Find out what height is right for you.
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What are corner posts, and do you need more?
Our kit comes with enough corner posts kits for 95% of installations. However, if you want to create a special shape, you can do that easily! Find out how.