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Shipping and Returns

US ORDERS (48 Continental States)


Pet Playgrounds makes the safest and most reliable REAL dog fencing system in the world™. All DIY dog fence kits shipped in the continental United States cost a flat rate of $150 which is about half cost of a typical Kit shipping charge we subsidize the rest of the cost to help make this important decision easier, on that note It is Free shipping if you order a kit that is 300 linear feet or more.  We typically utilize FedEx shipping services to fulfill your order. Larger orders may be shipped on a palette and by other carriers local to your state, we always add lift gate service to pallets and 99% of the time they can off load.   Most orders will arrive on your doorstep within 10 business days or less.  Delivery times are expected, not guaranteed especially during the early spring and late fall when we are incredibly busy,  also slight delays happen during shipping holidays…

Orders from Canada

We ship directly to Canada for only $575 Us funds,  Don’t worry about customs, duty, or taxes. We’ll take care of everything. Our shipments to Canada are picked up every Thursday, and will reach you between 10-21 business days (depending where in Canada you are).  We also subsidize the the shipping costs to Canada on a typical kit about 30%

Returns and Refunds are very rare…… occasionally people order the wrong height or strength of fence or add a dog that requires different level of protections, People don’t realize that the height can be raised and the strength can be increased from 2 layer to max strength without removing it,  the fence is upgradable at any time ! and modular in many ways… 

Your item must be in its original unused condition to be returned, unless there is a manufacturer defect. You must return the item within 90 days of your purchase.  Returns are very very rare in our many years of shipping fences nationwide,  but they do happen and we understand.  Please contact us before returning as there are many times other options to re ship it to another customer near you and save some of the costs   

1. Please email or call us at 1-800-985-9202  to request a refund and we will assign you a tracking number.

2. Mail your returned item to:

Pet Playgrounds, LLC
c/o Victor Boemmels
ATTN: Returns Department
125 Sea Hill Rd.  North Branford  CT. 06471

3. Include in your package a signed note stating the reason for your return and the original invoice that was emailed to you.

We do not refund the original shipping and handling cost. Please note the true shipping cost may be higher than what was paid at the time of your order because we subsidize about half the cost on any kit under 300ft  and this is calculated by weight and distance from the shipping companies that we use. The full shipping cost will be deducted from all returns,  Please note that we have had less than one return per year, with thousands of fences in all 48 states and Canada because dogs running free is so important, and we know this is the most secure and affordable way to do this.


Pet Playgrounds is the only a real physical dog fence in complete kit engineered specifically for dogs, refined and Improved for 12 years running.  It is NOT an electric fence. Kits come with all of the components you will need to create a safe and secure play space for your dog on almost any terrain, typically up to 200 linear feet can be installed in one DAY by almost anyone!  Unlike invisible electric fences that only attempt to keep your dog in your yard, our physical dog fence stops predators – like coyotes from entering your enclosure.

 Our Fence has Three Unique features  


We use A one inch Poly Mesh made specifically for us with UV inhibitors and smaller openings when compared to any other poly mesh available world wide….   it runs the full height of your fence 5′ 6′ or 7′ tall 

Anti-Climb Feature: Unlike traditional rigid fences, our fence is a mesh-based Layered fencing system.  Each layer is chosen for a specific reason, and supported with our uniques steel rail cables.   3 cables for the 3 layer Max Strength and 2 steel cables for 2 layer.  The combination of strength and flex When layers are combined creates a net like effect that is stops 99% of dogs climbing out and anything else climbing in. The movement of the steel cable has a Net Effect like a trap and not worth the risk to most predators – We have never had a coyote reported in thousands of fences in all 48 states and Canada..

Anti-Dig Feature: Even if you have a physical fence, dogs can dig under your fence often easily and this is the first think dogs try!  We are often called when people install a solid very expensive fence to put our fence in front of it because it has no dig protection.or climb resistance.   Any other fence is NOT a dog fence.  We creating a dig guard 12″ one foot long of the bottom layer of metal staked down every 3′, This has proven over 12 years to stop dogs from digging very effectively especially on uneven ground, it is used in all kits.   The Max Strength 3 layer adds even more dig protection, it use a strong steel mesh layer 1/2″ square, that is heavy and adds weight meeting the ground adding even more dig protection. Dig guard is secured into the ground using our ultra-hold ground stakes every 3 feet, but over time the ground grow through it and it gets even stronger…..

Learn more about how our fencing system works.


Traditional fences (like chain link fences) act like ladders Dogs get paws on the top rail of any solid fence and use it to pull over – All other fences actually help dogs climb over.  Our Dog Fence makes this almost impossible, The strength and the flexibility of the steel cable and the poly mesh at the top creates a net or trap like feeling for anything climbing in or out, its not worth the risk….d.

What are you looking at? This clip shows how our fence moves when dogs (or predators) try to climb in or out 
Note the top of all layers, each have their own steel rail cable 

Many types of breeds love digging, especially terriers, beagles and huskies. Unlike traditional fences, our fence does not end when it meets the ground, it keeps on going…for about a foot. Our fence comes with a dig guard, which is created by using a strong 19 gauge steel mesh layer that is secured to the ground with ultra-hold ground stakes.  Take a look at the video below because words can not accurately describe how our dig guard works.


Not at all! In just a short time the Dig Guard will almost disappear into the grass and become one with the soil. This zen-like effect will allow you to mow right over the top of it and right up next to the fence.