Real Dog Fence Only - 15 Years of Engineering - Diy Kits & Pro install options - 4 levels of security - Low visibility

DIY Dog Fences - Your private dog park done right! Use our 12 years of engineering and constant improvements to our complete kits - if you have a unique project call us to make additions or changes to kits - 78 Videos, and live Pro support, so almost anyone, can install up to 250 linear feet, in a weekend on almost any terrain!

DIY Dog Fences
Steel cables as rails make installation simple even on hills

The materials can be cut and shaped to fit any angle and still secure the bottom edge. The first thing a dog tests!
It's simple to work around any obstacle. Be creative with your layout and post locations, as they can be varied, shorter, longer, in or out up to 10 feet or more. Pick a start and end point ideally your house and that's all, its easy to create a natural shape, that fits your property, taking the path of least resistance..... there is always way to work around or with something, we will help anytime.....