Here’s why a Pet Playgrounds non-electric dog fence is the best way to let your dog run free safely, humanely, and affordably.

1. Pet Playgrounds offers REAL climb, dig, and chew protection for any breed.

Our hybrid dog fence is strong and flexible. It’s so strong it can even stand up to a tree falling on it during a hurricane. Its flexibility is what makes climbing our fence virtually impossible from either side. The fence feels like a net that dogs and other animals simply can’t climb. Our hybrid fences do not have a top rail, instead there is a 12 gauge black vinyl coated, UV protected, braided STEEL cable that keeps the fence tight and straight.  

The bottom of our fence is flared in 6 inches flat onto the ground and secured with a uniquely shaped kinked stake. This makes it incredibly difficult for any dog to dig under our unique fencing system.

2. It is nearly invisible. Stepping back just 10-15 feet makes the fence virtually disappear.

View our gallery and check out how our fencing system looks from different angles, close up, and from far away. You can see just how easy our fencing system is installed even when installed in the most challenging of properties.

3. It’s the most affordable fencing option to protect and contain your dog.

The average cost of our unique dog fencing system including installation is typically $9 per linear foot. Chain link fences can cost you $14 per linear foot (installed) because of the many landscape changes most people have to make and the incredible amount of posts that you need to purchase with traditional fencing systems. Even the cheapest wood fence would cost you $23 per linear foot. Check out our fencing calculator or better yet try our Easy Dog Fence Selector to find out the total cost of your Pet Playgrounds kit including the cost of installation instantly online.

4. It can be installed virtually anywhere – by anyone, on any terrain even over rocks, tree roots, and uneven land.

Our non-electric dog fence can be installed on uneven or challenging grounds such as hills, streams, wooded or rocky areas due to the flexibility of the materials and its ability to use trees when possible. All materials last for 15-20 years and are virtually maintenance free.

5. Unlike wireless electric fences that might harm your dog, Pet Playgrounds fences keep other critters out as well as ensuring that your dog does not runaway.

6. Our non-electric dog fence kit has been field tested by PETA, and they loved it! We know you and your dogs will too! 

We shipped PETA a 5 foot dog fence kit with a gate. PETA found a family that had two dogs that were living on a leash. Like PETA, Pet Playgrounds believes all dogs deserve to run free so we were ecstatic that our dog fencing system was going to be used to improve the life of two wonderful dogs. 

7. It’s the easiest way to let your dog run free and do his business without having to layer up and freeze every time your dog needs to go out!

With our unique fencing system that attaches to your house you simply have to open your door. It’s sure getting cold out there, so don’t wait until it’s too late! With a mild winter in most of the United States (and even Canada) we have folks installing our DIY kits nationwide or benefiting from our professional installation services even in the midst of winter.


Pet Playgrounds was founded in 2008 with the sole purpose of providing people with an affordable option to contain their dog in a safe enclosure, and protect them from deer and coyotes. Today, Pet Playgrounds continues to push the envelope with our unique materials, and assembly methods to create the perfect enclosure for your dog. We work with many rescue organizations and help them with their fundraising efforts. We have had our fence tested by PETA, and we are member of the ASPCA. Our love for dogs is what makes us wake up every morning.