Every year, the American Humane Association estimates that 10 million pets go missing. Some run off and are never recovered, and others are stolen from yards, cars, or streets. Only 17% of pets are reunited with their owners.

 How do you make sure your pet doesn’t become part of those statistics? There are two important steps to take to keep your pet from leaving your yard or getting taken from your yard. Put up fences that make it impossible for the pet to escape and hard for people to enter your yard without permission. Also, get your pet microchipped for peace of mind and higher odds of a safe return.

 Things to Keep in Mind About Microchips

 Once you’ve had your pet microchipped, go online and fill out the ownership information form. The vet or microchipping clinic doesn’t do this for you. You can pay a membership fee, but you don’t have to. Ignore any messages the site tells you about a paid membership being the best option. You can use the basic service free of charge and leave the basics on how to contact you if your pet is found.

If you move or change phone numbers, make sure you go back to the website and update your information. Also, consider registering on Free Pet Microchip Registry. It’s a free service founded by a veterinarian that allows registrations from any brand of microchip. If a pet is found, a veterinarian, animal control officer, or another party can look up the microchip and contact you.

Microchips are important, but a fence is key. Keep your pet in your yard and out of harm’s way. Fencing in a yard can be difficult if you live in a wooded area though, right? It’s easier than ever with Pet Playgrounds’ dog fences for a wooded property.

These Fences Withstand Extreme Force

Putting in a dog fence has to be a time-consuming job you’d think. The truth is that it’s very easy with the Pet Playgrounds’ dog fence system. You don’t need a post hole digger, cement, heavy wooden posts, or bulky panels.

Instead, you order the dog fence kit that suits your needs. There are three fence strengths available.

  1. Polypropylene: This is a strong mesh fence that withstands up to 1,100 PSI. Because it’s flexible, dogs cannot climb it. Plus, you cannot see it unless you’re up close. Choose heights of five or six feet.
  1. Rubber-Coated Steel Wire: Another option withstands up to 2,900 PSI. It’s a rubber-coated steel mesh fence that’s layered onto the polypropylene fencing for extra strength. Dogs can’t chew through it, and it’s still flexible, so they can’t climb it. Again, choose five or six-foot heights.
  1. Max Strength: The Max Strength system withstands up to 4,000 PSI. Take the Rubber-Coated Steel Wire fence and add a third layer of vinyl-coated 19-gauge steel and welded wire mesh. All three fence layers will keep in even the most notorious escape artist. This fencing comes in six or seven-foot heights.

What about the notorious digger? We’ve all seen that dog. In minutes, the dog has tunneled its way under a fence. That doesn’t happen with the mesh fences as a 12-inch section of the fence is staked into the ground. The dog cannot dig through the rubber-coated steel mesh that attaches to the ground and withstands up to 1,800 PSI. Secure it to the ground with stakes or add rocks and bricks if you want. Eventually, the grass will grow through the Dig Guard securing it to the ground for good.

The Benefits of a Mesh Dog Fence

The strength of a mesh dog fence is reason enough to look into this system. When you live in the woods, it can be impossible to install traditional fences. There are tree roots that you can’t dig through, so you have to place posts where you can get them, and that can make it hard to install wood or vinyl fencing correctly. Even if you can place the posts where you need them, wood fencing is going to degrade over time.

Chain link fencing is an option that may be easier to install than panel fencing, but it’s only so tall, and many dogs can use it like a ladder. Chain link is also very expensive.

Mesh fencing is more affordable than many options, and it doesn’t require placement of the posts to be exact. If you need to move a post a foot or two one way or another, it’s not a problem. You can adjust the fence line as you need, and it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight. If you’d like to create an octagonal fence, you can do so. Just make sure you order the right amount of mesh netting to suit your design.

There’s a lot to be said about being able to open the door and stand from the doorway and watch your dog on a rainy or snowy day. With flexible mesh fencing, you can have the best fence for your dog and install it easily with a few family members or friends. Your dog has the freedom to go outside without being on a leash or confined to a short dog run.

When it’s raining or snowing, extremely cold or hot, you don’t have to spend minutes getting an umbrella, rain boots, waterproof jacket, gloves, mittens, etc. for a quick trip outside. Let your dog out for a few minutes and know your dog is safe. You can take your dog for a walk or go out to play on your schedule, not your dog’s.

Installing the Fence on Wooded Properties

Here’s the best thing about a Pet Playgrounds strong mesh dog fence. You can attach it to the trees in your yard. Plot where you want your fence to go. Run the steel tension cable from one tree to the next in order to fence in your yard, then secure the mesh fencing to the steel tension cable using the included D-rings and hog ringer tool. The bottom of the mesh dog fence has an extra foot of Dig Guard fencing that is staked to the ground to prevent digging.

If you want to run the fence into the woods, you can do that. For safety, you’ll want to post signs alerting potential hunters to the fence and the presence of the dog, but you’re not limiting your dog to a small area of the yard anymore. Flexible fencing enables your dog to safely explore some of the forest, too.

Dog fencing for wooded properties is a must-have. Not only does it keep your dog in and strangers out, but it also keeps predatory animals like coyotes out of your yard. They can’t climb it either. Order your dog fence kit today. Our flexible dog fence planner offers instant price quotes, all you need to do is enter the number of feet you want to enclose. Add a gate if you want. Would you like to hire someone else to install it? We can help with that, too.

Pet Playgrounds’ dog fence kits come with the fence posts you need, no-dig sleeves and the driving cap, round post collars, and so much more. You won’t even need wire snips or a level, we include that too. Use our online calculator to see how affordable a secure, visually-pleasing dog fence is.