All of our DIY Dog Fence Kits, whether they are 4 foot5 foot, or 6 foot come with REAL chew, dig, and climb protection, however there are some dogs (and some breeds) that are particularly challenging to contain. This is when you would select a MAX strength 6 foot dog fence kit. Our MAX strength dog fence kits have a third outside layer of 19 gauge steel vinyl coated welded wire netting that makes chewing virtually impossible. When these three materials are combined it creates a MAX strength dog fence that can contain even the toughest of dogs.

Our standard dog fence can withstand up to 2,900lbs of pressure per square inch (PSI). Most chain link fences can only withstand 1,000 PSI, Wood fences 550 PSI and Vinyl withstands even less!  We’ve seen falling trees that couldn’t even break our fence. It’s THAT Strong – but, if you have a relentless canine that will spend hours chewing, ripping, pulling and tearing at anything, our MAX STRENGTH fence is exactly what you need.  We added a 19 gauge steel vinyl coated netting material to our existing layers of fencing to provide the ultimate in containment.

Advantages of our MAX Strength 6 foot DIY Dog Fence Kits

  • Our 19 gauge STEEL vinyl coated welded wire netting material can be attached to existing fencing (such as post and rail) or can be installed independently with the components included in our MAX Strength Dog Fence Kits.
  • It keeps other critters out such as: coyotes, deer, other dogs, snakes, and small rodents.
  • It is effective, humane and safe to use anywhere. You won’t harm your dog or other animals that attempt to enter your yard.
  • Vulnerable trees, plants, shrubs and landscaping will stay protected from small and large wild animals – especially from nuisance deer.
  • Deer ticks can carry Lyme disease, Tularemia, and Rocky Mountain Fever. Our MAX Strength Dog Fence Kit serves a dual purpose by stopping deer from entering your property, and also limiting the amount of ticks that can infect your dog, other pets, and even family members.

We have been installing this product for years, and we now are able to offer DIY Kits to the United States and Canada. To celebrate the announcement of this new product line, we are offering FREE SHIPPING for every order that is shipped within the continental United States. Take advantage of this incredible limited time offer.