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Dog Fence Easy Ordering

ORDER DOG FENCE Most fencing companies have arbitrary pricing schemes based on many different situations and regions. We don’t. The pricing for our fencing system is the same for all customers. You don’t have to go through an arduous process calling different fencing companies to compare and negotiate a price that...

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Dog Fence Pricing

One of our most common questions is “How much will it cost?”.   that’s why we created a tool where you can see the exact price of your kit and optional installation services at the top of this page under order now.  Our prices are based on height, length and 2...

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Temporary Dog Fence

Are you a renter or a homeowner looking to move soon? Great! Pet Playgrounds has an affordable physical dog fence system that you can take with you when you move. Our fence is perfect for renters, homeowners in a HOA (Home Owners Associations) and anyone else that needs to move or...

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