What is a corner post?

A corner post should be used on a 90 degree corner to join two lines of fence. Corner posts can be used for odd angles where the angle is closer is between 45 and 90 degrees. An angle of 45 degrees may require a corner post, depending the tension of the cable.

Additionally, If you do not want to attach our kit to your house and are creating a free standing enclosure you’ll need to add 2 extra post corner kits to assemble your kit. The video describes this process as this is the most common use for corner posts.


The principle of bracing a corner post is simple. Do to leverage, the greatest tension on the post is along the horizontal wire furthest from the ground. Using a brace kit we are able to transfer that tension back to the base of the post at ground level. That is what allows the post to resist the fence’s tension.

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