For the past 10 years, homeowners and renters used our simple walking method to help measure their yard so they can find out how many linear feet they need to order. Now, that most of us have smartphones there is an easy and free app to help you measure your yard.

You can easily measure without breaking out a ruler. Walk the perimeter of the area you want to enclose, counting your steps the whole way. Multiple your total steps by 2 ½ and that’s the amount of linear feet you need.

To calculate linear feet for a fence:

  1. Measure the Perimeter: Using a tape measure, measure the length of each side of the area you want to enclose. Include all sides in your measurement.
  2. Add Measurements Together: Add the lengths of all sides together to get the total linear feet. This is the amount of fencing material you will need.

    For example, if each side of a square lot is 50 feet, then total linear feet = 50 ft (side 1) + 50 ft (side 2) + 50 ft (side 3) + 50 ft (side 4) = 200 ft.

  3. Consider Gates and Corners: If you plan to have gates or need to navigate corners, these measurements should be included in your total linear footage.
  4. Adjust for Obstacles: If there are obstacles like trees or rocks, measure the distance around them and include this in your total.

This calculation gives you the total linear feet required for fencing material. Remember to buy a little extra to account for mistakes or adjustments.