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How long have you and your dog(s) been ready for a Dog fence? Imagine dogs running free by opening your back door, magical and life-changing for everyone.  Over the last 15 years, thousands of dogs have taught us a lot about dogs and all types of fences and we are happy to share. Perfecting real, secure, and affordable fencing for dogs is the only thing we do.  Our tested and proven dog-specific fences have been engineered with constant improvements & updates to materials and methods for 15 years.  Unlike any other fence, that is just a fence, ours features proven effective dig, chew, and climb protection with 4 levels of Security to match your dog (s) size/mix & your property.  Let us help get your private and secure dog park open quickly, affordably, and without changing your view…

Our 1,800-pound break strength steel Black PVC coated square mesh is 17GA after coating with a 20 to 30-year life expectancy outdoors,  engineered for salt & soil contact – layered with our unique one-inch polypropylene mesh to create a proven and redundant 2-layer Dog Fence. This strong layer is both the dig guard and adds chew protection from inside or out 

unique collars for rail cables make install simple
Strength with Layers & Steel
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New infused bitter antichew Poly - Dogs Know that spicy and bitter are not tasty flavors. They are associated with unsafe foods in the wild—such as a bad piece of fruit or a in edible plant—and as a result, dogs know to avoid bitter things

How Does It Work

Don’t Concrete anything until you see our unique and proven dog fence kits, Install guides, videos & Pro support, everything needed to fence your yard, securely, affordably & quickly. 

 For 12 years we have been engineering and perfecting the Best Dog fences in the world, to fit any Dog(s) pack and property shape.  Your Private Dog park will be open in hours and last Decades with little to no maintenance.  

We have both Pro installed and helped thousands of people, on any terrain, install up to 200 linear feet or more, with gates in a weekend!  book a live estimate click here  Costs are 9$ per linear foot to 15$ –    We will help you to get the right Level of Security, Kit, Installer, and or support, to make this happen!

With average local fence quotes of 10,000$ or more, for fences not designed for dogs at all, consider our unique and complete solution, saving   50%  for a fence actually designed for dogs is realistic.

All our dog fence kits use a tested & proven combination of Welded metal meshes, 2 or 3 layers for maximum strength,- with our unique proprietary one-inch square polypropylene mesh with Bitter pro infused anti-chew  supported with tensioned steel cables for each layer and powder-coated steel posts, set in NO dig sleeves,  shown below – location is flexible 15 to 20 feet apart  


Stop!  Don’t dig any holes, especially every 8 feet –  Cementing in 30 or 50 posts in your yard and deciding where they will go for the next 30 years is daunting!  This, Local fence guy prices or losing your view, stops most real fence projects and dogs suffer, It is simple when you can vary post locations in any direction, use trees, structures, or other fences as posts, with cuttable layers of steel / poly mesh and steel rail cables to easily contour to hills and uneven ground,  saving time, money and blending with nature.  Instead of changing the property to fit the materials, it is simple to make the materials fit the property, with no landscaping required.

no dig sleeve dog fence

Pro install is available in many states- Keep in mind with no Concrete or Landscaping needed, Thousands of people, with no fence installation experience have been able to install up to 150′ per day easily in a natural shape not necessarily a box.  Multi Million-dollar properties and renters in every state have chosen our solution to not see a fence that can if needed be  moved or modified 

12 components in our 2-layer Dog Fence Kits and 13  for the 3-layer Max Strength kits –  all the highest quality, chosen and tested to maximize effectiveness, with a 15 to 20-year or more life expectancy & simple to no maintenance 

Max strength 6ft and 7ft tall has proven over 10 years by thousands of happy & secure dogs… to be 99% effective –  it uses three mesh materials at three different heights, layers each supported by 3 steel tensioned rail cables 

Galvanized Steel welded first- 1/2″ vinyl coated wire at 4 foot or 5ft tall is the third and super strong layer for Max 3 layer kits, it’s the ultimate chew protection from inside or outside, very small openings make getting teeth into it virtually impossible and its heavy weight adds even more dig protection

Dig guard on all kits uses a 1-inch welded metal wire – 3,4 or 5  feet tall – 1 foot of it lays flat on the ground, staked with our kinked ground stakes every 3 feet  

The top 2 feet of all Fences are our Proprietary 1-inch polypropylene mesh by design – which makes the fence incredibly hard to climb in or out – it’s strong yet resilient to tree branches, storms, snow any severe weather –  PROVEN with thousands of fences in all 48 states and Canada- 15 years and counting! 

Delivery time 10 business days or less with Free shipping on any kit 300 feet or more 

Finance a dog fence kit with Affirm, change your dog’s life for  7 – 10$ per day For one year 

Our Proprietary 1,100-pound break strength one inch polypropylene  mesh with New Bitter Pro infused anti-chew is both incredibly strong and remarkably flexible to stop climbing, Unique  small 1″ opening mesh size and the very Bitter taste infused in our NEW Bitter Pro poly stops chewing inside or outside the fence 

Zoom in to see where Pet Playgrounds Dog Fences have been installed over the last 15 years 

temporary fencing for dogs
Dog's agree Running Free is the best exercised
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Our Dog Fence kits
how to pick

Choose one of 4 levels of security. Starting with our 5ft and 6ft tall 2-layer kits or our 6ft and 7ft tall 3-layer Max strength kits.  They all include everything needed except a sledgehammer and screw gun or drill, for gate assembly.  Visit our how-to measure and order your kit.

 A 200ft 5 ft tall kit with gate, financed with affirm at checkout is less than 5$ per day for your own dog park…… 

Free shipping ! on any kit over 300 linear for a limited time All kits are delivered to all lower 48 states, in two weeks or less …. smaller kits we pay half the average shipping cost. 

Our 3-layer Max Strength kits with 2 layers of metal are designed/recommended for larger breeds, hunting breeds including terriers and any dog that may chew a fence often,  They are Perfect for HOUDINI ESCAPE ARTISTS – Simple to install on any terrain with no Concrete makes them affordable…. Create a perfect play space with the right level of security for any dog breed in a Weekend of easy work,  almost anyone can do this with 7 days a week support & our detailed install video

3 Layers 3 cables 6 & 7ft Tall Levels 3 and 4 protection

All kits use steel tensioned rail cables similar to railings in modern decks,  they are strong yet flexible just a bit at the top by design to stop and animal climbing in our out…  Steel meshes are used  for 2/3 of every fence and the bottom dig guard. Look at all 12 or 13 components – This layering of materials, each for a specific reason, has proven to be incredibly effective Dig, chew, and Climb protection, in both 2-layer and 3-layer kits, for thousands of fences worldwide……

Order within your budget, 200 linear feet is the magic number but 300 doubles the total size. The point is to affordably make a space using your house as one side,  large enough for dogs to run full speed…  You can always make it bigger next year if needed – 

2 layer can be upgraded to a three layer at any time after install. Finance your home dog park here with Affirm  


What dog fence works the best?

Pet playgrounds max 7ft tall
99% effective
Max at 6ft
90% effective
Wood Fence
80% effective
Chain Link Fence
70% effective
Invisible Wireless Dog Fence
60% effective
What Our Customers Are Saying

Amazing Feedback

Malissa Shinabarger‎ Happy Customer

This fence has been a God sent Thank you pet playground !!!!!

Dr. Adam Boardman Veterinarian

In the 6 months since the new fence was installed, there have been ZERO escapes, and believe me, our dog has tried.

Stephanie Williams Dog Trainer

At half the cost of chain link, it was within our budget including installation. The fence is sturdy, and can be installed over any terrain.

Kelly Conklin‎ VP at ProSource

We’re going on our third year & second hurricane. It survived two hurricanes fairly well.

Etha Behrmann Happy Customer

We have challenging terrain and rock ground. About 1000 feet of fencing in a very odd shape.

Deborah Gillespie Happy Customer

A customer’s video review of our DIY Kit.

Lisa Kuller‎ Happy Customer

Apollo loves his “pet playground!” He’s safe, gets exercise and enjoys his yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Playgrounds is real physical dog fence – in a complete kit engineered specifically for dogs, refined and Improved for 12 years running.  It is NOT an electric fence. Kits come with all of the components you will need to create a safe and secure play space for your dog on almost any terrain, typically up to 200 linear feet can be installed in one DAY by almost anyone!  Unlike invisible electric fences that only attempt to keep your dog in your yard, our physical dog fence stops predators – like coyotes from entering your enclosure.  its not an eyesore…. the steel cables similar to modern railings make you look through the fence and keeps your view 

 Our Fence has Three Unique features  


We use A one inch Poly Mesh made specifically for us with UV inhibitors and smaller openings when compared to any other poly mesh available world wide….   it runs the full height of your fence 5′ 6′ or 7′ tall 

Anti-Climb Feature: Unlike traditional rigid fences, our fence is a mesh-based Layered fencing system.  Each layer is chosen for a specific reason, and supported with our uniques steel rail cables.  Kits include 3 cables for the 3 layer Max Strength and 2 steel cables for 2 layer.  The combination of strength and flex when layers are combined creates a net like effect that is stops 99% of dogs climbing out and anything else climbing in. The movement of the steel cable feels like a trap and not worth the risk to most predators – We have never had a coyote reported in thousands of fences in all 48 states and Canada..

Anti-Dig Feature: Even if you have a physical fence, dogs can dig under your fence often easily and this is the first think dogs try!  We are often called when people install a solid very expensive fence to put our fence in front of it because it has no dig protection.or climb resistance.   Any other fence is NOT a dog fence.  We creating a dig guard 12″ one foot long on the bottom made of a 1″ square layer of metal staked down every 3′, This has proven over 12 years to stop dogs from digging very effectively especially on uneven ground, it is used in all kits.   The Max Strength 3 layer adds even more dig protection, it uses a strong steel mesh layer 1/2″ square, that is heavy and adds weight meeting the ground, adding even more dig protection.  All Dig guard is secured into the ground using our ultra-hold ground stakes every 3 feet, but over time the ground grows through it and it gets even stronger

Traditional fences (like chain link fences) act like ladders Dogs get paws on the top rail of any solid fence and use it to pull over – All other fences actually help dogs climb over.  Our Dog Fence makes this almost impossible, The strength and the flexibility of the steel cable and the poly mesh at the top creates a net or trap like feeling for anything climbing in or out, its not worth the risk….d.


What are you looking at? This clip shows how our fence moves when dogs (or predators) try to climb in or out 
Note the top of all layers, each have their own steel rail cable 


Many types of breeds love digging, especially terriers, beagles and huskies. Unlike traditional fences, our fence does not end when it meets the ground, it keeps on going…for about a foot. Our fence comes with a dig guard, which is created by using a strong 19 gauge steel mesh layer that is secured to the ground with ultra-hold ground stakes.  Take a look at the video below because words can not accurately describe how our dig guard works.

Not at all! In just a short time the Dig Guard will almost disappear into the grass and become one with the soil. This zen-like effect will allow you to mow right over the top of it and right up next to the fence.

All other fences are just fences, very difficult to install and NOT made for dogs – Do the research we are the only real dog fence company in the world, dedicated to Nothing else.  Check us out on our you tube channel with 78 videos over, 10 years! Pictures below, with happy dog’s, tell our story best…   

25% of our customers are dog parents who tried to use an invisible electric dog fence –To find out the hard way… it didn’t work

Facts are it’s painful, has No protection from anything coming in, No other dogs can visit to play- It’s a false sense of security, fails often…  when it does, dogs may not return fearing more  shocks. When you see a lost dog poster very often the dog has an electric fence collar sadly.

Our Fence & coyotes  

Our unique steel cable rails 2 or 3 with strength & movement at the top creates an it’s a trap feeling for anything climbing – Never had a coyote reported inside any enclosure, 10 years and counting- in all 48 states & Canada

Our dog fence acts as a flexible net that prevents dogs and other animals from climbing. The bottom material is flared in towards you and secured with unique ground stakes to create a dig guard.


Upgradable anytime, A 5ft 2 layer fence can be turned into a 7ft Max 3 layer, adding protection

MAX Strength Dog Fence - comes with three separate layers- two of them metal combined with our POLY each supported with a steel cable, strongly Recommended for Pit, hunting breeds, huskies rottweilers, and shepherds - think you need a max you likely do! keep in mind a 2 layer can be upgraded to a max 3 layer anytime by adding another steel rail cable, the 1/2" metal layer and post


This is why YOU can do it - thousands of people have on shape property

kits come with everything you need to complete your installation, except a sledge hammer and drill gun for gates - typically up to 200 linear feet per day can be installed by almost anyone on any terrain... we add bit extra of several items based on the size of your kit, Be creative and flexible with your layout, The dog fence is so difficult to see, straight lines are simple to do but not necessary.

NO Shock & low visibility affordable, simple to install with NO Concrete! or landscaping take the path of least resistance up to 150 feet per day by almost anyone...

INVISIBLE DOG FENCES FAIL & keep nothing out - PetPlaygrounds Max strength has over a 99% success rate keeping animals in or out- for every breed, including coyotes

Post locations can be adjusted in any direction, trees other fences & buildings can be used as posts to make it big enough for dogs to run full speed !

Do the research, look at our 10 year social history – 87 videos on our YouTube channel, lots of happy dogs!  Videos tell our story best, many filmed by customers  7.6k Facebook followers, 84 google reviews  4.4 stars  Dog fence is all we do, constant improving, testing and supporting the most effective, affordable and easy to install REAL dog fence kits 

Order a kit - Connect the dots, your dog park is open!
Toll free install support 7 days a week
Dog's & friends will be so happy !

Niki Mathews‎

Happy Customer
I highly recommend this fence! I was worried about ordering a product from the internet but couldn’t be more excited.

Brianna Pauline‎

Reporter at WABI TV5
Highly suggest PetPlayground! We fenced in 650 feet for our 3 dogs ourself. Definitely worth it!