One of our most common questions is “How much will it cost?”.   that’s why we created a tool where you can see the exact price of your kit and optional installation services at the top of this page under order now. 

Our prices are based on height, length and 2 layer or 3 layer max strength. In the first step you’ll choose your height. In the second step you’ll select the length / strength –  Our kits start at 100 linear feet and come in 50 foot increments.

WE have 12 years of  experience, please Let us help make sure you get the right strength for your dog and budget- please call us  about the strength you should choose 800 985-9202

  • our 5 foot tall kits are $9/linear foot
  • our 6 foot tall kits are $10/linear foot
  • our Max 6ft tall kits are $12/ liner foot
  • our Max 7ft tall kits are $14 / linear foot
  • other heights of fence available call us for details

You’ll notice as you use the slider the pricing and option under order now at the top of the page, the kit you have selected will update in real time with an estimated pro install cost also. You can see so far that we’ve selected a 6 foot tall / 250 linear foot kit. Once you click the green button, you’ll reach the next step where you can choose your gates (if you want any), and extra post corner kits ( uncommon), or if you want to convert your kit to a MAX strength kit.

* We have pro installers in many areas but affordable install does not need to be a fence company.  Anyone who knows how to use simple tools can install up to 150 linear feet of our fence in one Day ! 

Unlike other fence solutions which can vary in cost due to the installation time required on difficult or un even ground. we provide everyone the exact same pricing because our fence can easily be installed on property that is rocky, hilly, tree covered, or uneven.  The materials can be cut shaped and even stitched together to fit your property without significant changes or landscaping NO need for a ” fence company” by taking the path of least resistance.

keep in mind a Regular 2 layer fence can be turned into a Max strength fence in the future if needed without taking it down!  Still have questions? Call us at 1-800-985-9202.


Installation services available nationwide. Don’t want to install your kit yourself? No problem! You can request a professional installer to install your kit during checkout. Start by using our Build Your Kit tool.