Most fencing companies have arbitrary pricing schemes based on many different situations and regions. We don’t.

The pricing for our fencing system is the same for all customers. You don’t have to go through an arduous process calling different fencing companies to compare and negotiate a price that works for you and your dog. Here’s how easy it is to order from Pet Playgrounds:

1st step: A homeowner (or renter) measures how many linear feet they would like to order. This is done by simply walking the perimeter of your yard and counting your steps as you walk. Then you just multiply the total number of steps by 2.5. This process is thoroughly explained in our short video, which you can watch by going to petplaygrounds.com/measure.

Measuring how many linear feet you need is easy and only takes a few minutes. Some people may think that they need a professional to come to their house and measure how many linear feet they need or to help make decisions on your layout – but that is simply not the case. Traditional fencing companies require a professional to visit your house because their systems are not flexible like our dog fencing system. With our dog fence your layout does not need to be straight. Your land does not need to be level. There are no extra charges for our materials or optional professional installation based on the conditions of your yard.

Our dog fencing system has been designed to be installed by virtually anyone and virtually everywhere. Our fencing posts do not need to be in a straight line, and the fence does not require your yard to be level. Because of this, a professional is not required to measure your yard. You can simply dictate wherever you want your fence.

By asking homeowners to measure their yard, we are able to save roughly $450 on every dog fence kit that is ordered. Every penny is passed on to you.

2nd step: Once you have measured your yard, you’ll go to https://petplaygrounds.com/product/build-your-kit/ to place your dog fence order. You’ll simply choose the height and click continue. Then you’ll choose how many linear feet you want and then you’ll click continue. 95% of our customers order a gate. You have 3 different widths to choose from (5 feet, 8 feet and 14 feet). 5 feet is the most popular as it is the most affordable. It’s also large enough to allow most riding mowers to go through.

Other options: 98% of our orders are standard layout orders, which means that the advanced options that we offer in our ordering process such as extra post corner kits, or the upgrade to a MAX strength system can be skipped by most dog parents. As long as you are using your house to complete on side of your enclosure, then you can skip those advanced options completely. If you don’t understand what post corner kits are or what we mean by “using one side of your fence”, don’t worry. Once you watch the video at petplaygrounds.com/measure you’ll understand exactly we mean. Words can not easily describe what a short video can show in just a minute.

You’ll see the exact price for materials and optional professional installation at https://petplaygrounds.com/product/build-your-kit/. Once you place your order your request will be sent to local installers in your area if you selected professional installation. If you are planning to install it yourself, your kit will arrive at your doorstep in 10 days or less! You can watch the full installation video to see how our dog fence is installed at petplaygrounds.com/installation

Still have questions? Schedule a call with a Pet Fencing Expert at petplaygrounds.com/schedule