[cs_text]Our fence is comprised of 12 unique components. One of the most important components that is included in every kit is our 1,000 break strength polypropylene mesh. This material is incredibly flexible yet incredibly strong. It is a unique material that no other competitor provides. Why? Because our competitors choose to provide lower quality 400 pound break strength polypropylene mesh that won’t hold up over time. Frankly, our competitors are repurposing cheap garden fencing materials to contain your dog. That’s not what we do. It’s not safe, and it won’t contain your dog. So exactly, how strong is our fence?

What you are seeing here is a tree that has fallen down on a Pet Playgrounds fence installation which happened after a hurricane. As you can see, all that needs to be done is to get the tree off of the fence and your fence is back up and working.

No other fence – whether it is wood, vinyl, aluminum, composite or chain link could stand up to a tree falling on it. You would have to replace an entire section and most likely fix posts, fix the railing and it could potentially cost you thousands. That’s how strong a Pet Playgrounds non-electric dog fence is – and we think you’ll love it!

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