Coyote Attacks are on the Rise

Coyote attacks on dogs, cats and humans have increased within the past 5 years nationwide. Researchers are seeing increasingly bold coyote behaviors, including: In suburban areas, coyotes can lose their fear of humans because of the abundant food resources provided. Unfortunately, their food supply may include family pets. Household garbage, dog food, and available water from ponds and landscape are also …

MAX Strength Dog Fence Systems for Escape Artists

This customer has 5 dogs, and 2 of them were escape artists – always digging and chewing their way out of the backyard. They chose a 600 linear foot MAX strength dog fence kit with professional installation to keep their dogs in their yard. Our dog fence kits have been purposefully engineered to be incredibly strong, but there are some …

We’ve upgraded our dog fence!

Pet Playgrounds is continually researching, and reengineering our kits to be easier to install, and to perform better. We’ve upgraded one of our main components of our dog fence kit. Our fence is made up of 2 core materials, our 1000+ pound break strength polypropylene mesh and our NEW 1800+ pound break strength rubber coated welded wire. This new material has …

How strong is our fence?

Our fence is comprised of 12 unique components. One of the most important components that is included in every kit is our 1,000 break strength polypropylene mesh. This material is incredibly flexible yet incredibly strong. It is a unique material that no other competitor provides. Why? Because our competitors choose to provide lower quality 400 pound break strength polypropylene mesh …

Just how strong is our dog fence?

Just how strong is a Pet Playgrounds dog fencing system? This video should clear a few things up.


Pit bulls (in particular) should have a large, well fenced yard for daily exercise. A fence that is able to contain your large and energetic pit bull is absolutely necessary to protect your dog, the breed, and the neighborhood. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to contain a dog and yet so many people fail to, resulting in “incidents” which harm the breed. There is NO excuse for allowing a bulldog to run loose in the neighborhood. We recommend a 6 foot tall fence with at least 200 feet of room for any large dog. This will give you about a 2,500 sq. foot personal dog park. Our unique fencing materials makes it very uncomfortable for a dog to spend too much time against the fence. This increases the level of protection our fence provides. Every Pet Playgrounds dog fence comes with REAL chew, climb, and dig protection.

Pet Playgrounds makes the safest and most reliable REAL dog fencing system in the world™

Our hybrid dog fence is strong and flexible. It’s so strong it can even stand up to a tree falling on it during a hurricane. Its flexibility is what makes climbing our fence virtually impossible from either side. The fence feels like a net that dogs and other animals simply can’t climb. 
Our hybrid fences do not have a top rail, instead there is a 12 gauge black vinyl coated, UV protected, braided STEEL cable that keeps the fence tight and straight.  

How to contain a pit bull

Recently a customer called us because their current fence was not working. They had a pit bull and when they let it out in their yard it would climb their fence. This customer had BOTH a wooden fence and a chain link fence, but these traditional fencing systems could not contain their large dog. This is because wooden and chain link fences actually act like a ladder and assist dogs in climbing over a fence.


Even though our fence is incredibly strong, it is also incredibly flexible. We utilize 11 different components to assemble our fence, but our 1000 pound break strength polypropylene mesh is what helps dogs like this pit bull stay on their property. The material is strong enough to bounce right back up after a hurricane, but flexible enough so that dogs are not able to climb it. The material feels more like a net than a ladder to a dog. Additionally, our dig guard which is assembled from our commercial grade 18 gauge metal hex wire which has been UV protected and vinyl coated prevents this large dog from digging under as well. All our of kits come with REAL climb, dig, and chew protection and our kits also have the added benefit of keeping coyotes, deer, and other dogs out as well.


Having problems containing your dog? Contact one of our Pet Fence Experts now by dialing 1-800-985-9202, or chat with us online.  

PETA field tested our non-electric dog fence kit and loved it!

Read PETA’s blog post about testing our DIY Dog Fences

PETA field tested our non-electric dog fence kit and loved it! We shipped PETA a 5 foot dog fence kit with a gate. PETA found a family that had two dogs that were living on a leash. Like PETA, Pet Playgrounds believes all dogs deserve to run free so we were ecstatic that our dog fencing system was going to be used to improve the life of two wonderful dogs. Scroll down to check out the pics of PETA installing and testing our unique DIY dog fence system for these two wonderful dogs. 


PETA loved our product, and has now included us in their PETA Business Friends Program. We couldn’t be happier. In fact, we are ecstatic. Why? Because the authority on humane treatment for animals has professed their love for our product. Our product is the most affordable and most effective way of letting your dog run free as well as well as protecting your dog from running away and being attacked from other predators (like coyotes, or other stray dogs). 

Use coupon code PETA and save 5% off of the purchase price of your DIY non-electric dog fence kit. When you use this coupon code, we’ll send an additional 5% right back to PETA to help animals in need.

Check our our new Pet Playgrounds Easy Dog Fence Selector and find out what kit works best for you and your dog. 
Have questions? Call us at 1-800-985-9202. Don’t worry. We’re dog people! We’ll answer any questions that you have and point you in the right direction.

See how easy it is to install a Pet Playgrounds DIY dog fence. 


Read PETA’s blog post about testing our DIY Dog Fences

Why invisible fences, just don’t work.

Nearly a quarter of our customers are dog parents that initially tried to use an invisible electric fence – only to find out that it doesn’t work for their dog. Many people think an invisible underground wireless electric fence is the best way to keep their dog in their yard. However, they are simply not as effective as you might think. Statistics suggest …