Just how strong is a Pet Playgrounds dog fencing system? This video should clear a few things up.

Pit bulls (in particular) should have a large, well fenced yard for daily exercise. A fence that is able to contain your large and energetic pit bull is absolutely necessary to protect your dog, the breed, and the neighborhood. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to contain a dog and yet so many people fail to, resulting in “incidents” which harm the breed. There is NO excuse for allowing a bulldog to run loose in the neighborhood. We recommend a 6 foot tall fence with at least 200 feet of room for any large dog. This will give you about a 2,500 sq. foot personal dog park. Our unique fencing materials makes it very uncomfortable for a dog to spend too much time against the fence. This increases the level of protection our fence provides. Every Pet Playgrounds dog fence comes with REAL chew, climb, and dig protection.

Pet Playgrounds makes the safest and most reliable REAL dog fencing system in the world™


Our hybrid dog fence is strong and flexible. It’s so strong it can even stand up to a tree falling on it during a hurricane. Its flexibility is what makes climbing our fence virtually impossible from either side. The fence feels like a net that dogs and other animals simply can’t climb. Our hybrid fences do not have a top rail, instead there is a 12 gauge black vinyl coated, UV protected, braided STEEL cable that keeps the fence tight and straight.