Pet Playgrounds engineers, manufacturers, distributes, and installs the safest and most reliable REAL dog fencing system in the world. From a small office in West Haven, Connecticut Pet Playgrounds has now grown nearly five times since 2010. Although 2016 is not yet done, Pet Playgrounds has made some incredible advancements this year, already.

First, Pet Playgrounds now has installers available in all contiguous 48 states. By partnering with local certified professional installers, Pet Playgrounds has been able to focus installing in its local territory (Connecticut, Massachusetts, and parts of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania), continually making the installation process easier and less expensive. Recently, Pet Playgrounds launched an updated website available at  making it easier than ever for customers to learn about their unique dog fencing system. Customers can now order a kit up to 1,000 linear feet online and getting an instant installation quote in mere seconds.

The last 3 months have been spent reshooting all new video tutorials, designing a custom “Build Your Kit” tool, and incredible step by step video instructions making installation a breeze for any homeowner.

How did it all start? Victor Boemmels, the inventor and President of Pet Playgrounds has had a love of dogs from a very young age. Victor had his first puppy when he was nine, and he became a dog lover instantly. Unfortunately, his new puppy had escaped from his family home and was hit and killed by a car. It was devastating to him but it inspired him to dabble in various training techniques for dogs. He became an amateur dog trainer and became so good at training his dog, Goya that others started asking him to help train their pups. Victor saw how many close calls many of his friends & family had with their dogs escaping their yard and getting hurt. This was the inspiration to engineer an affordable yet incredibly effective dog-specific fence.

Since then, Pet Playgrounds has become the only dog fencing system in the world that has been tested and approved by PETA. The unique fencing system received several endorsements from veterinarians and certified dog trainers due to its humane alternative to ineffective invisible electrical fencing that relies on shocking your dog to keep it safe. Using some of the latest web technology Pet Playgrounds has developed an incredibly easy to use website, with multimedia elements such as videos and even a virtual tour that allows customers to investigate certain parts of the fence to get a better view of how it is assembled.

What’s next for Pet Playgrounds? Quite a bit. We are currently sourcing 360° cameras to provide customers a way to see how dogs interact with our fencing system. Our goal is to make our website the best way for customers to see exactly how our fencing system works. We’ve also upgraded the strength of one of our major components and have already shipping this components to all new customers.

Find out more about Pet Playgrounds by visiting or by calling us toll free at 1-800-985-9202