Dog fencing pricing

One of our most common questions is “How much will it cost?”. We believe in complete transparency in our pricing and that’s why we created a tool where you can see the exact price of your kit and optional installation services.


Our prices are based on height and length. In the first step you’ll choose your height. In the second step you’ll select the length. Our kits start at 100 linear feet and come in 50 foot increments.

  • Our 4 foot tall kits are $6.50/linear foot
  • our 5 foot tall kits are $7.50/linear foot
  • our 6 foot tall kits are $8.50/linear foot

You’ll notice as you use the slider the pricing and options you have selected will update in real time. You can see so far that we’ve selected a 6 foot tall / 250 linear foot kit. Once you click the green button, you’ll┬áreach the next step where you can choose your gates (if you want any), and extra post corner kits (which is uncommon), or if you want to convert your kit to a MAX strength kit.


Unlike other fencing companies that try and charge you a price they deem appropriate which can vary wildly from person to person, we provide everyone the exact same pricing. Our system is so flexible that we are able to do this. Whether your property is rocky, hilly, or even swampy our solution will be assembled the same way.

Still have questions? Call us at 1-800-985-9202

Installation services available nationwide.

Don't want to install your kit yourself? No problem! You can request a professional installer to install your kit during checkout. Start by using our Build Your Kit tool.

Build Your Kit & Request Professional Installation

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      the max strength fence has been over 99% effective for 10 years in all 48 states, it has contained hundreds of very large dogs and mixes but nothing is 100% there still needs to be be some supervision and inspection of the fence, I am a 185 lb man and I ran into the fence full speed it held me absorbed my impact and threw me back

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