How to Stop your Dog from Digging Under your Fence

One of the most frustrating things to deal with as a new dog parent is an escape artist dog. Many dogs are rehomed or end up in shelters because their families can’t stop them from digging under or climbing over their fence. This is why our dog fences are built with a dig guard to stop dogs from digging under the fence.

dogs digging under chain link and wood fence

So, how do you stop your dog from digging under your fence?

The most effective way to stop a dog from digging under your fence is to physically prevent your dog from doing it. This is what certified dog trainers call “management”. There are lots of long-term training methods that you can do as well, but that won’t stop your dog from escaping from your yard tomorrow or next week – or even next month. This is why we recommend a 6 foot tall dog fence from Pet Playgrounds.


Our fence acts as a flexible net that prevents dogs and other animals from climbing. The bottom material is flared in towards you and secured with unique ground stakes to create a dig guard. You don’t have to dig any holes, mix cement, or make any changes to your landscape.

Our dig guard explained in 27 seconds


One you’ve physically prevented your dog from digging under your fence, how do you start changing your dog’s behavior? Dogs dig for many different reasons. They might be bored or they might be seeking out prey, which is their natural instinct. Trying to figure out why your dog is digging may take several weeks to fully comprehend, but to try and stop this behavior immediately we recommend you get a Pet Playgrounds Dog Fence.


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    1. The dig guard is not one single component. It is made up of several components. Our suggestion is to dog-proof your privacy fence by installing a Pet Playgrounds fence inside your existing one. Essentially, our fence will be on the inside layer, and your existing wooden fence would be on the outer layer. Our fence is not just a bunch of parts. Each component works together with the other. You can’t have the dig guard without installing most of the other components.

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