How much does an invisible fence cost?

The typical expense for an invisible fence is approximately $1,325, however, this can vary from $950 to $2,000 based on the fence’s extent and the quantity of collars required for dogs. These unseen electric barriers serve as a method to maintain your canine within your premises without constant supervision.

> Why do invisible dog fences not work?

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Most people know that dogs need to run free and play off-leash to keep them healthy and happy. This is true with small breed dogs as well as larger dogs. A popular solution today is a wireless dog fence also known as an invisible underground electric dog fence. On the surface an underground fence may seem like a great solution. It’s cheaper than a traditional wood, vinyl or chain link fence and since it’s underground you can’t see it at all. However, the cost, training requirements and rate of failure are rarely discussed. Let’s take a look at the cost first.

What’s the cost of an underground invisible electric dog fence?

The typical cost to install an invisible dog fence is between $950 and $1500. There are many factors that contribute to the cost of your electric underground fence such as:

  • the quality of the wiring
  • the cost of the collar
  • the quality of your voltage meter
  • the size of your property

If you have a large strong dog, or if you have multiple dogs that are different sizes, you will want to have more correction levels available in order to custom-design the corrections for your dog. If you have a 60 pound lab and a 20 pound pug, you’ll need a system that can work for both dogs and those systems are more costly.

However, these are not the only costs involved.

Once your invisible dog fence is installed, you’ll need to start training your dog. Most invisible dog fence companies charge an additional $500 to train your dog. That means for the average dog owner, a wireless dog fence costs about $2,000 to get a professionally installed invisible fence with training. You can add about $100 a year on batteries to that cost. If you want to install an invisible fence yourself and you think you can successfully train your dog as well you can get a DIY invisible dog fence kit between $250-$400. That is significantly cheaper than having a professional install and train your dog, however training a stubborn dog can be impossible as these comments show (CLICK HERE) >

Here’s a short video showing you how invisible dog fences are installed and the process to do it yourself:

Now that we know how much invisible fences cost, let’s look at how effective they are. Studies show that wireless dog fences fail for roughly 30% of dogs. Why do invisible fences fail?

  • The initial shock may not be enough to stop your dog from leaving your yard. You may need to increase the level of shock (or correction) that you need so your dog pays attention to it and stops leaving its boundary. In the video below you’ll see a dog that has been trained with an invisible fence, but a cat was enough of a reward for him to run right through the invisible barrier – all while being shocked.

  • Your system only works if the batteries in the collar are working. Many times dogs will escape their boundary simply because batteries have not been replaced in the collar.
  • Your wire may have a break. Some brands don’t have an audio alarm on their transmitter. Instead, the transmitter just blinks – so you would never know if you have a break in your wire unless you physically check the transmitter – which for many people will be in your garage. This is so common that many of the large brands, like PetSafe, sell repair kits so you can find the break in the wire and fix it. However, these Wire Break Locator repair kits only help if you have a complete break – not a partial break. For that, you’ll most likely need to call a professional or reinstall it yourself again.

Here’s a video from PetSafe that shows how to use their repair kit to fix a wire break:

Because you are dealing with electricity, there are hundreds of small issues that can pop up and cause your fence to fail – but one of the largest issues is a lack of professional training. A shock on a large dog may not be strong enough to disway him or her from running through their invisible barrier. Nearly a quarter of our customers tell us that they tried an invisible electric fence, mostly due to price but had to look at other options since it kept failingNot to mention all the ethical and behavioral concerns many dog trainers and veterinarians have with shock collars.

Traditional fences are far too expensive and won’t stop your dog from digging under your fence, or climbing over your fence.

For the same price (or less) of an installed invisible dog fence and training which fails 30% of the time, you can get a DIY Dog Fence Kit that works 98% of the time and be confident that your dog will be safe, happy and healthy in your backyard.

What do most of our customers get?

Our most popular dog fence is a 5 foot tall fence with 200 linear feet of material (length) along with 1 gate which costs $1,700.  Once you measure you can find out exactly how much your kit will cost right HERE >

Let’s compare
Installed Invisible Fence + Training ($2,000)
Pet Playgrounds DIY Dog Fence Kit ($1,700)