We’ve upgraded our dog fence!

Pet Playgrounds is continually researching, and reengineering our kits to be easier to install, and to perform better. We’ve upgraded one of our main components of our dog fence kit. Our fence is made up of 2 core materials, our 1000+ pound break strength polypropylene mesh and our NEW 1800+ pound break strength rubber coated welded wire. This new material has …

Pet Playgrounds Website Launch

Pet Playgrounds engineers, manufacturers, distributes, and installs the safest and most reliable REAL dog fencing system in the world. From a small office in West Haven, Connecticut Pet Playgrounds has now grown nearly five times since 2010. Although 2016 is not yet done, Pet Playgrounds has made some incredible advancements this year, already. First, Pet Playgrounds now has installers available …

How strong is our fence?

Our fence is comprised of 12 unique components. One of the most important components that is included in every kit is our 1,000 break strength polypropylene mesh. This material is incredibly flexible yet incredibly strong. It is a unique material that no other competitor provides. Why? Because our competitors choose to provide lower quality 400 pound break strength polypropylene mesh …

To shock or not to shock your dog. That is the question.

Many people today think an invisible wireless electric fence is the best solution available to keep their dog on their property. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. First of all invisible wireless electric fences are simply not as effective as you might think. Depending on the breed, we have seen statistics that suggest invisible wireless electric fences are only about 70% …

We are the sponsor for Our Dog Show! Check out the podcast!

Thank you for watching the VIDEO version of the 4th Episode of Our Dog Show (www.ourdogshow.com). Our big story today is all about Xylitol, a sweetener in some sugarless foods that can make your dog incredibly sick, or even kill your dog. Learn more about Xylitol with expertise provided by The Pet Poison Helpline. 

Our Dog Show is sponsored by Pet Playgrounds, makers of the safest and most reliableREAL dog fencing system in the world. Visit them at www.petplaygrounds.com and use code OURDOGSHOW to save 10% on any dog fence kit.

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Our Dog Show Episode 3 : Q&A with certified dog trainers

Welcome to the VIDEO version of the 3rd episode of Our Dog Show. In this episode special guests, Stephanie Williams and Fran Zelladonis, certified dog trainers and owners of Pawsitive Partners answer questions.
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The flexibility of a Pet Playgrounds dog fencing system

Our Pet Playgrounds dog fencing system is so flexible that it can be used in a variety of ways.

This customer already had a decorative fence but it wouldn’t keep her beagle mix in the yard, so we installed a Pet Playgrounds non-electric dog fence kit and left her decorative fence completely in place!

In another installation we had a customer that had a decorative iron railing system but it didn’t wrap around his entire property. So we took care of finishing enclosing his property for him. We highlighted our fence here so you can actually see it. It really is nearly invisible.

Have a rock wall? Not a problem! Our fence can be installed without removing your beautiful rock wall. It’s so flexible it can installed virtually anywhere.

These are just some of the ways you can install your Pet Playgrounds dog fence kit, or one of our professional installers could do it for you! Call us at 1-800-985-9202 for more information, or start shopping now!


Listen to Victor talk to Hal & Judy on Animal Radio

Listen to Victor Boemmels talk to Hal & Judy on this Animal Radio Clip. Find more information at http://www.petplaygrounds.com and use coupon code ANIMALRADIO to save 10% on your entire dog fencing system.